myFeeds API

myFeedz opened up it's API for the public use. I have already used this API to include the tags from my profile and the top articles for my profile (check out to the left or my blog).

JSEclipse 1.5 is out

JSEclipse is the the best and most popular Javascript plugin for the Eclipse environment. It has support for Dojo, prototype.js and Qooxdoo, so any AJAX developer should get one :D.

JSEclipse 1.5 is close

A new version of JSEclipse is soon to be out. Right now is in beta stage and it's promising to be the best JavaScript editor for Eclipse. A new code completion engine and a lot of new development toys are sure to make this release very interesting.

NRG JavaScript Editor no more - Vive la JSEclipse

The development on the Eclipse JavaScript editor has resulted in a far better editor with more features and an improved code completion. The new code completion strategy includes searching of JavaScript classes in the JavaScript files and for the element ids inside the HTML files from the current Eclipse project to be proposed as completions depending on context. And this is not all. You can find more about it on the Eclipse products section of the InterAKT Online site.

Regular Expression tool - updated

Using this tool I found myself going back and forth from the regular expression references. So I've decided to copy the reference inside the page to be easily accessible.

Regular Expression tool

I have added a new small and useful tool on this site. It can be found under the RegExp tool menu on the left side. This tool helps a JavaScript developer (and not only) to test his of her regular expressions with ease against an entered text. Have fun...

NRG JavaScript Editor 1.0.5

I have created a new JavaScript editor plugin for Eclipse - EnergyByte Products. It has support for syntax highlighting, code completion, syntax outlineing and error reporting.

A new place

Let me celebrate and share a good thing that happened, I have become Gold Member at DMXzone
It is quite a thing to see your name and picture on a big site :D.


This site was created by me to be my home page.
I try to create this site as simple as possible so the loading to be fast. The bandwidth in my country is not so great so I learn to appreciate the most simple pages.
If somebody wants to contact me from reasons related with my work, Java or Linux is free to use my email. But please no spams.